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Matt's Youtube Channel

04-29-2013 12:09 AM
Frequent Contributor II

Let me know what videos you'd like to see.

I'll try to make time for the most important ones !


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Hello, Matt!
I would like to see a video to create a rule to build a model like this:
Front setback in the first floor = 5.9 meters
No setbacks in the next 10 meters
after this, back setback = 5 meters and side setback = 1.5 meters.
Is that possible?;):D:o:rolleyes:
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Hi Matt,

I would like to see video of how to apply terrain to cityengine residential neighbourhood models. For example, using data of Honolulu on the side of the hill. It would be helpful to start from various terrain sources such as LIDAR, and possibly google earth.

Is there a script or ... to simplify having house, condos, etc. models grounded rather than floating?
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I'm not sure if I can follow perfectly.

In a 'typical' CityEngine project, the user starts with the terrain, then aligns the shapes to the terrain.

Where the elevation data originally comes from does not matter, as long as it's imported into CityEngine as a raster image. Means CityEngine currently only supports 'heightmaps' as terrains, no TINs or LIDAR or Esri Grids.

[ I've created most rules for the Honolulu dataset, so I know the project quite well. ]

Let me know if there's more questions !

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