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Learning CityEngine, Tutorials and other Training

03-06-2012 08:59 AM
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Dear all,

We're getting a lot of inquiries concerning training materials, tutorials and other resources, to learn the CityEngine most efficiently.

Here's the list of resources I usually recommend :

I highly recommend to browse through all the mentioned resources since they contain all the basic information to get started on a professional level CityEngine project.

1] Esri Educational Services Intro Video
Free training seminar video (60') : 'Getting Started with CityEngine'

2] Esri Educational Services Essential Skills Videos
3 videos on:
- Installing Esri CityEngine
- Exploring the User Interface and Navigation Controls
- Managing CityEngine Projects

3] Resource Center : Videos

Recommended are all videos which were recorded on version 2012.1, as indicated in each description. [ Some of the videos are older, though we decided to keep them on the web. ]
These give a good overview over how the CityEngine works in it???s basics and what the common workflows are.

I recommend to go through all of them and try to follow the concepts, even though the user interface may have changed slightly between the versions.

Find the current list of Tutorial videos and 2012 Features here:

4] Quick Start Guide
Go to Help > Help Contents > Quick Start Guide

5] Manual
There???s a detailed manual inside the CityEngine. Go to Help > Help Contents

6] Example Cities
Have a look at the downloadable Example Cities. Download them via Help > Download Tutorials and Examples
Or via the Resource Center:

7] Written Tutorials
The written Tutorials (PDFs) are located within the downloadable tutorial project's 'scenes' folder.

8] CityEngine Workflows

9] Dedicated Forums

These 5 dedicated forums already have a great traction and are a valuable resource for basic and advanced questions. I???m here a lot and answer most questions personally.

10] Matt's Youtube Channel
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Thank you very much.It's really helpful for me.Resources Worth Spreading.:o
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i ve something in my mind. is it possible for me to add some menu interface in city engine instead of run script to run a function? im totally new to this .. just browse some videos on it..and still trying to get city engine big picture ><. ty
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I'd recommend to download the Trial download and read the Quick Start Guide for the very basics.

Concerning Interface :

Not sure on which level of complexity you need the interface, but many things can be done with Python scripting. Little GUIs with buttons are possible, but that's quite high-level, so you'll not have access to all CE functionality.

Welcome to the forum and have fun with CityEngine !
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I found an online video of a cityengine tutorial for GIS mapping using version 2009.3. I was wondering if this tutorial was still available somewhere as it looked quite useful. It was labled tutorial 12, but that tutorial is now the scripted report export. In the tutorial video I was particually interested in the part about using an aerial photograph to generate the roof textures for the city which I'd like to be able to recreate myself.
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i ve download the tutorials . and read quick start. now im trying to use Tkinter library in City Engine. Tutorial given is for arcGIs. do you have any tutorial link on city engine pythone GUI. thanks
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one more question. can i create / customize city engine wizard accordingly to my requirement?
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Hey !

@ Joanne :

That tutorial is no more available, but if you have questions, feel free to open an other thread, e.g. concerning the roof texturing, which btw. can be done quite easily.

Note : More new official CityEngine training materials are currently being produced.

@ Ramli :

I've made a simple little GUI some time ago, but I currently don't remember which way I did it. Please just open a new thread in the CityEngine Python Forum. I'll try to find the example, so I can post it there.

The GUI in CityEngine itself can sadly not be changed at the moment, but we've had this request before, so this may be something which will be possible sometime in future.

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Good Morning All -

Q: As I am trying to load the Philadelphia Example, I
keep getting the message that my Memory is low, and would
I like to Purge. How can I set the Memory parameters higher,
I have a new workstation, and memory should not be a problem,

Another Question:
Who created the Philadelphia Example, someone at ESRI,
or someone in Philadelphia ? Thank you.

Have an excellent day !


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Hi !

In the CityEngine.ini file which you find in the program's directory, edit the line

to a bigger value .. e.g.

-Xmx4096M ( does not have to be a power of 2 value )

This will increase the RAM amount which is reserved for the Java side of CityEngine. Note this RAM is locked for CE only and cannot be accessed by other applications or OS. This is a Java thing. So play with this very carefully.

Cheers !

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