Is there a way to bevel the angles of a shape that are too acute?

10-01-2018 03:55 AM
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Hi CE ppl

   Is there any way in CGA to bevel/chamfer the angles of a shape that are below a certain degree (too acute)?

Similarly to the CORNER ANGLE MAX parameter in the Blocks Parameters, but done in CGA. 

So that if any angle is below a certain degree the point of it gets split away (kind of like in the convexify operation).

This would help a lot with irregular lots.

To make it work there should be a way to verify that there are angles that are too acute, like a geometry.angleIsAcute function or something similar (Or maybe if the geometry.area is too close to half the area of*, than to identify where the angles are and then to remove the points. 

In the case of a simple triangular face I was thinking about aligning the scope to the longest edge and then a split operation BUT I have not figured out how to know if the acute angle to bevel is on the left, on the right or on both sides of the long edge. And then if the shape has more than 3 vertices it would not work. 

If anyone has any idea I'd love to hear it. 



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