Imported rule file not working

04-03-2019 02:45 AM
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For my project work i want to place solar panels on the roof of some houses, for achieving this i imported Photovoltaic Roof. cga from Redlands project. But it results in nothing when i tried to generate it. I have also attached rule file for that also.

one more question besides this there are many other 3D stuff also that i want to place it on roof. How will be its rule file ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

in order to generate the solar panels you'll have to call a rule that exists in the Photovoltaic Roof.cga. Instead of 

PhotovoltaicRoof.Generate, try PhotovoltaicRoof.PVElements. 

If you want to import other 3D files, you can use  the 'i' operation. Here you can find more information about it : 

Help - 


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