I can't add a node(component) in VCGA, because it doesn't show the complete list when I try to add

01-23-2024 01:46 AM
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Hello everybody

I am using city engine 2023.1 and when I want to add some node(components) in my VCGA based on the tutorial that ESRI has been uploaded in You tube I can't see the whole list no matter where I click on my VCGA screen. its just like my screen is too small for the list but it doesn't make any difference when I zoom out. I attached my screen shot to this post. can anyone help me on this? Screenshot 2024-01-23 130709.png

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Hi @ParisaZhaleh!

Thank you for your question. 

Yes, that's a known issue of the Beta, we are working on improving this.

As an alternative, you can open the search bar (double click on canvas) and create the nodes from there 😊

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