How to have inserted objects always facing the street?

11-29-2016 08:19 PM
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I am inserting an .obj of a house into a "skeleton" block using:

Lot -->


        i("3D Models/my_house.dae")


But the houses end up facing different directions:

Houses facing in different directions away from street.

How do I make it so that they are all facing the street?  The scope and pivot are very confusing to me.



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It looks like all the buildings do face a consistent direction.  It seems like rotating the scope -90 deg before inserting the model might make the door face the street front.  However, a better solution would be to rotate the model 90 deg so that the x axis is along the back of the house and the z axis is along the left side of the house, and then resave the dae file.

Note:  After a block subdivision, the scopes of the lots are such that the x axis is in the direction of the first street front edge (that is, one of the edges that touches a street) but positioned at the back of the lot.  The z axis is perpendicular to it and points towards the street front edge.