Conform Normal Issue

11-28-2016 02:00 PM
New Contributor

Before running conform normals function:

Before Running Conform Normals function

After running Conform Normals function

After Running Conform Normals functionan

I expected all the normals to face away from the building centroid, but not all were corrected and some correct normals were flipped. (v 2016.0)

Can anyone help with this?

Attached is the model in the image....

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Esri Regular Contributor

There are some cases where conforming the normals will not work as desired.  In this particular case, the black face is a duplicate face.  There are two faces in the same position.  If you run cleanupGeometry(faces, 0.1) first, this will remove the duplicate faces.  This works on this model, but the help page describes other cases where some preprocessing actions could help setNormals(conform) to work as desired.  setNormals Operation