How to get high resolution map data with elevation for a large area +300km

06-23-2022 05:38 AM
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Hi guys, 

I'm trying to get a high resolution terrain image with elevation of a land that is more than 300km long. Whenever I try to use the "get map data" option I get a poor resolution when I try to capture a big area, I was able to get high resolution data but only when I zoom in and capture a really small area. 

I also tried to get high resolution data from another source but whenever I try to import the file to CE it crashes immediately, I'm not sure if the software can't handle the large file or I need to use a better PC (mine currently has i9 with 64gb memory).

I would really appreciate if anyone has any thoughts on what I should do to solve this issue.

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Hi, I am not familiar with CE but maybe to create a terrain image with your data in ArcGIS Pro and then use it in CE?

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