How do you create .rpk files to use in ArcScene?

09-17-2013 06:48 AM
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Hi there,

I'm trying to use the new tool in ArcScene called "Features from CityEngine Rules", to be able to use CityEngine rules in ArcScene. However I can't find any way of creating the .rpk file the tool requires in CityEngine and there seem no help files with it. Please can you tell me how I can do this or when the functionality will be available?


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Hi Caroline,

RPKs can currently only be created with CityEngine 2013. Now, since that's not yet out, that's an impossible thing to do currently for 10.2 users. Additionally, the first hotfix will need to be run to eliminate some more issues.

Though also it's not yet final, when this hotfix will be released.

So it'll take some more time. Sorry for the bad news.

Send me a mail for more Esri-Distributor-specific info. 🙂

Ok ?

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