How do I turn multiple face of a building into a single face?

09-25-2018 04:51 AM
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Hello everyone
in my project number of building has multiple face and i want convert it to one face .when I use texture, this happens And I want the entire building's facade integrated with a texture.Is there a solution to this problem in cityengine Software? .  In the image below, it is clear. very thanksmy building hase

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Did you try using = instead of : in the Comp operation, when you are splitting the volume into facades? That could maybe work. It depends from how much the initial shape is curving.

The operator defines how the selected components are used to generate successor shapes. Valid operators are:

  • : Each selected component is put into a new shape
  • = All selected components are combined into one new shape
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dear Abele Giandoso .Thank you very much for answer

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