Animation video from cityengine model

10-10-2018 06:21 AM
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I have a cityengine model (in 2016.1) and I need to create a flyover video(in just one day!). I was trying to export the model to SketchUp and record the video in SketchUp. Is it the best way as I don't have any other post-production software? Do you suggest any other tools? If SketchUp is my best shot which format? Collada or kmz? And do you have any particular tips about exportation settings? 


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Export your Scene to WebScene than use ShareX (it´s free)  to record the screen

To edit use Openshot OpenShot Editor de Vídeo | Editor de Vídeo Premiado, Gratuito e de Código Aberto para Linux, Mac e W...  it´s free too

here a sample I did few weeks ago

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Thank you Luiz, that's definitely a good way to do it especially as my model is in a large territory. I still have a batch export warning that I should solve later but your solution is very efficient. Thanks again!