How do I extrude footprints based on an object attribute?

05-06-2015 05:43 AM
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I have imported a gdb created in arcgis which contain building height attributes, they appear as rehl2 down the list of object attributes when I select a footprint. But how do I code this to be the height of the building?

I tried -

attr height = relh2


Lot --> extrude(height)

- but this didn't work, any help would be greatly appreciated

(ive attached a print screen of city engine)

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Make an attribute with the name matching exactly the name of the height attribute. And it should connect automatically to your GIS attribute. If not then you can manually connect it using the connection editor.

attr relh2 = 0  # some other default value...


Lot -->

     extrude (relh2)

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