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How do I export properties on shapes in cityengine to uenreal

04-09-2024 07:43 PM
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I want to use Vitruvio to generate a city in unreal. Using osm data, I found that when I tried many times to export datasmith shapes to unreal, I did not export the Object Attributes on the shapes





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Hello @biaozeng 

Thanks for your question. To export metadata like the attributes, please ensure Mesh Merging is set to either Per Initial Shape or Per Initial Shape by Material. For more information please consult the CityEngine Help on Export DATASMITH (Unreal and Twinmotion)—ArcGIS CityEngine Resources | Documentation


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In the datasmith file, we can see that this parameter was successfully exported, but the buildings generated after being converted to VitruvioActor were not generated according to this attribute, we can see that they used the same attribute name. I downloaded the example of NewYork and found that they were generated using random height. I want to use attributes on the shape to generate, such as height in osm data



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