How do I align streets to parcel edges in City Engine?

12-11-2019 01:36 PM
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Hi- I'm relatively new to City Engine and am looking to create streets for a new development (i.e there are no existing roads I can import as there are no existing roads within the development). I currently have the complete streets rule and a parcel layer imported from ArcGIS Urban. I am struggling to create streets that properly align to the parcel edges. Are there any strategies or tools suggested to make this process easier? 

A screenshot of the development as it looks now is attached.

Thanks! esri cityengine# #complete_street

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If you want your streets to 'connect' to your parcels, you basically have two options:

  1.   You may draw the street center lines in a CAD program and import them as graphs into CE. Then you generate street shapes from the graphs and use a script to generate your lots from the blocks that build from the streets. This requires graphs on all sides of your areas for lots (blocks), but not all graphs need to be generated into streets, as some may be simply borders (with zero width) for your blocks.
  2. You integrate the streets into your cga script and build them from the same start shape as your lots. You may pass shapes on which you wish to have streets on to the same street rule as you use for other streets to have a unified design.
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Thanks! Appreciate the reply.

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Maybe this could help too?

Graph -> Fit Widths to Shapes

Fit widths to shapes—Help | Documentation 

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