A little help with Python reporting ... building to parcel to precinct level

12-16-2019 08:39 PM
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Hi CE folks,

I've been progressively working my way through python and have a question about aggregate reporting with Python.

In this case I'm trying to report FAR on a precinct level.

I can do this via FME where I aggregate;

   Podium + Tower GFA's  to Parcels

   Parcel GFA's to Precinct


But am wondering if there's a way to somehow do this directly in CE and Python ?

Has anyone done something similar perhaps ?


Any ideas, help would be much appreciated.

Cheers !

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I'm very interested in a mechanism to achieve this too!

As an aside, this should really be a Feature Request for future versions. What would be great (and hopefully simple) is to expand the Report functionality within CGA to increase capability to aggregate and add identifiers. This would make all of this available to Dashboards and other outputs, and avoid use of Python for what feels like a simple internal function.

I currently use the one-level aggregation (the "." insertion in a Report display name) to roll up Buildings and parcels/blocks, and use multiple lines of Reporting sitting under Case arguments to obtain a manual version of this, and then tidy it up in Excel - screenshot below from CE reporting.

Adding multiple levels of "." insertion would seem a simple way to achieve what Alan is looking for....

GFA reporting for GFA by building, block, precinct

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We are considering adding across multiple levels of subgroups.  Thanks for sharing your use cases.

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