How can I perform Floor Level Planning?

05-22-2017 04:26 AM
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Can you please tell if it is possible to subdivide building floors into different areas(like making different number of rooms and rooms can be of different dimensions, on each floor)?I have the requirement to perform such action on large number of buildings and each building has more than 3 floors.

Please help!! 

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Dan_Patterson‌  Sir, Can you help me regarding this question?

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Yes, it is possible to split floors into rooms.

Just like you divide a mass into floors using a split in the y direction, you can divide a floor into rooms using splits in the x and z directions.  With these splits, you can specify dimensions in the x and z directions.

split Operation 

If you want to divide the floors into spaces with equal areas or into spaces with defined areas (i.e. one room with 70% of the area and another with 30% of the area), then you can use the splitArea() function.

splitArea Operation 

From a 2D footprint of the floor (instead of 3D - from 3D just use a comp to get the bottom 2D face), shapeO, shapeL, and shapeU, offset, setback, and innerRectangle operations may also be useful.  These can help you divide the space into spaces with a particular shape.

shapeL, shapeU, shapeO operations 

offset Operation 

setback Operation 

innerRectangle Operation 

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