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05-22-2012 09:25 AM
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With CE I created a street Pattern with no subdivisions. Now I want to split the shapes between the streets horizontally or vertically. But I realised now that every shape between the streets got its own local coordinate system. So when i define in the cga rule file to split in x direction the shape sometimes is split horizontally and sometimes vertically. 

I read in the CE Help file but it seems like there is no command to split horizontal or vertical or better said in East-West or North-South direction related to the global coordinate system. So i think the only solution is to set every shapes local system in the same way. Is that possible? or do you know any other solutions i can use?

I upload a screenshot that describes the problem. In the end i want to write a cga file that creates parcels and buildings positioned in that parcels in one rule file.

thanks for the help!

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CGA operations such as the split take into account the so-called 'scope' and it's orientation. the initial state is based on the 'First Edge' (check the Manual on the First Edge).
If you want to split north-south, you thus need to orient the scope first accordingly.

Btw. you can visualize the scope's orientation by entering the Edit Model Mode, then select one of the shapes in the viewport. Also, open the Model Hierarchy Window to check the way your model was created. (all nodes are selectable to visualize the scopes).

aligning :

alignScopeToAxes() ((like this, without argument in the brackets))

this aligns the scope to the xyz (world) axes. from there you should be good to go.

oh, and check out this thread :


let me know if you have more questions.
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