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05-18-2012 08:14 AM
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Hello All,

I'll start by saying that while I am familiar with ArcGIS and 3D modelling packages like Blender I am somewhat new to Unity and am very new to the CityEngine. I am posting my questions here b/c previous threads in this forum have discussed Unity and b/c this forum seems more active than the Unity 3D community (I posted there but received no responses). I am wondering if anyone has worked out an efficient ArcGIS --> Unity workflow. I have been successful going from ArcGIS to Blender and then to Unity (as fbx) but I find the steps less than efficient. Can ArcGIS directly export an FBX without using the CityEngine? Also, am I correct in assuming that Unity can only work with polygon data (i.e. it can't recognize a simple point or line)? I would like to bring building footprints into Unity but need each side of the foot print to be an independent object, thus I would like to bring the file in as a network of discrete lines not a set of polygons. My work around has been to turn each side of the footprint into its own polygon in Blender, but this takes far too long. Any help or links to helpful discussions on a GIS --> Unity workflow would be much appreciated.


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as far as I know, Unity supports only polygons via file transfers. But you could try to export Collada ( .dae ) from ArcGIS directly. I'd try to find and use a tool which exports your polygon features as Collada.

I do not have a lot of experience in Unity myself, there's other users active on this forum which know a lot more about it and have already ported data from CityEngine.

but in the end it all depends on what you need to do in Unity.

let me know.

Cheers !
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