Has anyone developed a playground/park model in CityEngine?

04-22-2016 12:06 PM
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I'm looking to develop a realistic model of a future park, including a playground complete with equipment in CityEngine. Does anyone have any examples or advice on how to go about doing this? Are there any rule packages out there that might be helpful? I've tried browsing around online but haven't really found anything specific to playgrounds, ball fields, etc. 

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You can play around with Rule files in the Project ESRI.lib. This project comes in by default when you install CityEngine.

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There isn't official code for an example with playground equipment, but you could make these things with rules or insert pre-modeled assets.

If you would like to have plants in your park, in ESRI.lib, there are rules to generate a variety of plants and distribute them.  Just drag and drop the rule onto a shape in your scene.  Then, you can customize it using the parameters in the Inspector.  Or, you could import the rule into your own code for more control.

There is an example of a garden like park downloadable from within CityEngine.  Help -> Download Tutorials and Examples -> Example Landscape Design.  In this example, there are rules to make things like benches, fountains, and trellises.  Playground equipment could be made in a similar manner.

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Do you mean something like the tot lot in my image?Park in Vacant Residential Lot.png

I started out using a rule that would place the model - something like this:



But putting in the right spot and then the rotation and scale - just too painful. In this instance it was just plain easier to place the model. So in this scene - which supports a plan recommendation to consider using vacant lots at the end of blocks for tot lots - the model is just placed. I am however working on a some code that will develop a park site based on size and surrounding uses/population and I do plan on using CGA to build soccer fields and basketball courts (right angle type stuff), and just inserting assets like goals, play structures, backstops, etc... Hope this helps.

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Hi @DevinLavigne , I am new to city engine and also trying to develop realistic model of a future park like Alicia. For me Placing the equipment's is challenging, still working on it. By chance do you have any example CGA rule for that?

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