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02-26-2013 07:07 AM
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Hi Matthias!

One more question, could you explain to me what does the analyze graph do? Its a little bit too complicated to me, in a few words (from yellow to red colors) for instance, red means well developed networks? or to much networks in small area?

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Hi !

What's done there is that the 'integration' values are calculated to check how 'important' a street segment is in correlation to the orientatinon of the neighboring segments. You can use those calculated values for different things, e.g. use it to map street widths to realistic values if you have no street width data available in your GIS data or such. Or visualize that value to get some indication on how traffic will behave approximately. Great tool to get some info on how to design your site.

Here's more info on it :

see in HD ..

Ok ?
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Thanks a lot!!
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Thanks a lot!
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