Extremely Strange - .shp import of highway lines "imports" ... but doesn't

08-07-2013 08:38 PM
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Hello everyone.

I have downloaded some ESRI shape files from WeoGeo. When I import the highway lines .shp file to my scene, it goes through some processing, I get a green bar on the bottom loading.. and after it loads... nothing appears on my scene or anywhere else I can determine.

With the other shp files from my package, including building polygons and the like, I am able to see and load up everything no problem.. it's just the highway lines .shp..

If it just gave me an error, I could understand, but to me it looks like everything works fine but nothing ends up coming out...


**Edit: In other files, also getting "exception while trying to compute the offset of the objects" all over the place... no idea how to fix 😞
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Perhaps it's a projection issue, it could be importing miles away. have you tried right clicking on the layer and clicking 'frame layer'? This would zoom into the area, or clicking on one of the network segments (a pargel in your layer) and pressing F, which should frame this object
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