Exported Models are extremely dark or transparent

11-11-2013 07:45 PM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: serabo


I am exporting CityEngine models to .obj files and then loading them into blender, then exporting from blender into Orge Scene/Mesh files to load into a simulator program.

I am having these strange results of very very dark models, (the scene light isn't exported?), and transparent roads.

Here are 2 screenshots that demonstrate the model when it is loaded into the simulator.


Any suggestions are welcomed! Thank you!
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No, the light is never exported. Plus, the obj file format does not support lights.

Check all the materials first in Blender. If they're correct there, there exists an issue between Blender and that other package.

I assume the transparency comes from 'single sided rendering' or 'backface culling'. Both techniques used in realtime environments to save resources when displaying geometries.

Check these things, ok ?

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