export to georeferenced model?

05-20-2015 07:47 AM
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I have created a few shapes manually in CityEngine and applied textures.  How can I export these shapes as models that are georeferenced?

For example, I exported my finished shape as a .obj model.  The OBJ looks perfect in the preview window, but when I drag and drop it back in the scene where I created it, it says that the location is too far from the scene to open.

It works fine when I export as an Esri GDB with a multipatch, but it fails to geolocate in other formats.


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The answer for now is to do what you say in your last sentence. Better options will reveal themselves in the future.

If you are staying inside CityEngine, or ArcGIS, then there shouldn't be any problems using GDB. Let us know if there are problems doing it that way.

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In any case I would try KML. It's the best file format for exchanging georeferenced models between packages that do not support GDBs.

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