Export sxd to CE Web Scene using transparency

03-02-2015 03:27 AM
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Hi all,


I exported a ArcScene (10.2) Document to a CityEngine WebScene using the Geoprocessing Tool 'Export To 3D Web Scene' within the 3D Analyst Toolset. Overall, the results are quite nice BUT...


The Web Scene shows buildings within a flooded area. The layer settings of the water surface include simple fill symbology with 30% transparency. (According to http://downloads.esri.com/support/whitepapers/ao_/J10223_Exporting_ArcScene_Docs_to_3D_Web_Scene.pdf  this should be possible.) The transparency is considered within the exported Web Scene, since the aerial imagery is noticable. The parts of the buildings which are supposed to be 'under water', however, are not visible at all.

I have no clue why this is happening. The buildings are extruded Z-Polygons, watersurface is a Multipatch.


Does anyone have an idea why the buildings are not displayed correctly?




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