Error while exporting as .3ws

05-23-2016 02:03 AM
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I'm having problem while exporting my scene as CityEngine Web Scene (.3ws).

Here is the error message:

"The batch export completed but at least one error occurred. See export logfile for detailed error information. - [main]"

Here is the log message:

"com.esri.prt.clients.ce.CEClientException: Internal error: illegal geometry

  at com.esri.prt.clients.ce.GenerateSlice.runGenerate(Unknown Source)

  at Source)

  at Source)




I have also attached a print screen of the log message.

I used to export my scenes with no problem. This error started to occure yesterday. I tried with different PCs and still had the same error.

How can i overcome this problem?



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I have had this problem in the past, and I found that if I select everything at one will give me the same error.  However, if you select all of your model pieces one at a them as a selection set....and use the selection set....the export is successful.  I am not sure that your situation is the same, but it is worth trying.  Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply. When i tried your approach, i had the same error while exporting selection set.

I tried exporting regularly today, it gave me same error but this time it also created the 3ws file. I still dont get what the problem was.


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Hello, did u solve the issue. i got the same error and i can't export my model as a filegeodatabase 

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