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Error importing OBJ

10-15-2014 06:53 AM
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I have a problem importing an OBJ Model exported from Maya.

I did the model in Maya and also textured it but when I want to import it in CE some of the textures are missing ( some colors appears instead), and also I can import the obj model only as static model.

Any settings that have to be done in Maya before exporting or any solution?

Thanks !

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Try Collada?

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maybe the colors you see are those of the 'unknown texture' texture file that is assigned if a texture is not found.


- are all textures in the same folder as the obj file and the mtl file

- the files are in typical formats ( e.g. tif, jpg, png, ..)

let me know..


Matthias Buehler

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I think there was a problem with the .mtl file when exported from Maya..

Thanks !!

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