Error (all elements go white)

05-16-2013 11:22 AM
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Hello All
[ATTACH=CONFIG]24385[/ATTACH]. [LEFT][/LEFT]As I was adding a dynamic shape the screen blinks and then everything is white other than a black wire frame over all objects. I looked in the log and this error is showing
( ICC APP2 encountered without prior JFIF! - [main])
Any Ideas?
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Hi !

I've seen this error before, but I guess this is not triggering the wireframe mode.

If you play with the 4,5,6 keys, does it go back to standard shaded mode (also, check the viewport display settings, little cogwheel menu) ?

Let me know..

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Thank you for the reply Matthias

Unfortunately  it seems that turning on the shaded mode is not working. I ended up creating a new work space and recreating the     project.
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