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05-17-2013 01:43 AM
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I´ve been wondering for some time, if there is any place where CE users share their rules? Is there any place where I could download scripts ready to use, since I am not very good at programming...

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Good morning

I also would like to know if such a place exists. It would be good to take advantage of rules that someone else has adapted and shared.

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There are several places to find some very useful cga rule examples.  Searching the CGA Shape Grammar forum is a good location.  Many samples are provided here.  For example you may want to look at the sticky on creating simple roof styles:

Another good place to start for basic rule samples and workflows is to download the tutorials, which come with sample data and predefined rules.  These rule files could be edited to work with your data and you might find that there is a particular style that is best to use depending on what type of data you have to work with.  The Philadelphia Redevelopment tutorial demonstrates how to work with different types of data and GIS driven rules.

Philadelphia Redevelopment (download comes with a

CityEngine Gallery (tutorials and examples)

Also, there is the CityEngine Web Help: Grammar Reference

I hope this helps to get you started.
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In addition to the above post, this is planned, but will take some more time.

Cheers !

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Yes, I've started a group on you can find it here CityEngine, Rules, Projects and Tools

I haven't put much up yet but there are two rule files (poorly documented I know) so far and I aim to upload more, as the group name suggests!

Hope this helps...
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