Envelope Based on Compass Direction

07-01-2014 08:30 PM
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I'm wanting to use the envelope function, but with compass directions instead of street sides or object sides.

So basically, it could use one angle for the northern sides of a parcel, a second to the eastern sides, and so on. This would work if the envelope function could use world.north etc., but unfortunately it's limited to using object.xxx or street.xxx.

I thought perhaps there might be a way to cheat and assign street.front to world.north, in which case the other sides would flow on and use street.left, street.right and street.back for east, west and south respectively.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

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I'm not sure about the use case.. what to you need this for ? (Can't follow to understand )

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So the envelope operation uses:

envelope(direction, maxHeight, frontBaseHeight, frontAngle, backBaseHeight, backAngle,
         rightBaseHeight, rightAngle, leftBaseHeight, leftAngle

Within this, frontBaseHeight and frontAngle apply to the street.front edges if these are defined, otherwise they apply to object.front.
I would like them to apply to the northern edge of the parcel, which would be world.north.

Hope this helps make sense of it.
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