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08-16-2016 09:54 AM
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Has the Color chooser dialogue been removed from CE 2016 for attribtes that are assigned a color value?  I cant seem to get the little color box that I can click to choose a color from a menu.

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Hello Micah

The color picker has not been removed from The Inspector of CityEngine 2016.

It has been moved to the drop down menu.

Currently there is only the Hex Code #RRGGBB and no color display.

Since there has been a lot of requests to show the selected color instead, it will be added again in the next release.


But CityEngine 2016 requires now Annotations to be set in the CGA rule file.

attr myColor = "#c0c0c0"‍‍

Rule attributes that do not use this annotation are treated as string values and no color picker is available.

In this case either:

  • add the @color annotation to the rule file or
  • use an external tool to pick a Hex Code #RRGGBB and paste it into the attribute field.
    For instance here is a web based color picker: RGB Color Codes Chart 
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Hello Micah,

I had a second look at the issue and found out that there is more to it.

Please see my updates to the initial reply.

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