CityEngine workspace is blank, but I can still select objects and screenshots show elements.

12-06-2020 05:13 PM
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I am using CityEngine 2020.1 in my GIS class. Last week I was able to use it without a problem, but now every time I open the program the workspace is completely white and none of my elements are visible. When I click in the window, I am able to select the elements but am unable to change their visibility. 

All of my selected scene layers are turned on, and everything is turned on in the visibility settings in the top right corner of the workspace.  What's very strange is when I take a snapshot of the workspace my elements show up as they should. I've attached screenshots of my workspace and the snapshot to give you a better picture.

I am a beginner with CityEngine so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Thank you,


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