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08-22-2016 05:51 AM
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I'm new to cityengine, and is trying to establish a workflow between cityengine and final presentation material. The plan is to create the geometry in cityengine, and then export it to sketchup to use vray as render for final presentation image. I have exported the scene from cityengine as a Collada file. There is already added some textures. When importing the file to sketchup  the textures is visible, but when using vray to render the texture turns black, I can use the paint bucket and add a color/texture which render fine. Do anyone know if it is possible to render the texture that is included from cityengine? 

thank you in advance.

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I am also looking for a similar workflow.Did you find a solution?

Thank you.

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I found a way through the system by using obj files, so I had to export from CityEngine as a obj file and then install an obj importer in SketchUp. This is not an optimal work around but it will get the job done. The problem with importing OBJ into SketchUp is that it takes forever with big files. I'm going to experiment a litle within the next couple of days, so can maybe give some feedback when i find the way through. 

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Hello Kristian,

The CityEngine Team just made a tutorial on how to create high quality renderings using the new Alembic format.

Tutorial 19: VFX workflows with Alembic—CityEngine Tutorials | ArcGIS for Desktop 

Unfortunately SketchUp currently doesn't support the Alembic format. Your approach using Collada as exchange format should also work.

You write the textures are showing in SketchUp. I assume the setup of the VRay plugin needs tweaking. For help on VRay for Sketchup please visit:

VRay for SketchUp Manual - 

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