CityEngine: Displaying point datasets.

03-31-2016 08:19 AM
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Hi Guys,

I'm new with CityEngine and I'm currently trying to alter the display of a point dataset which are representing a number of sensors.

I am unsure of how to alter their height (obviously I don't want to extrude them) and also how to change the size! They are tiny! I've attached a screen shot as an example. I can't find much information on the internet for this...


As you can see, they aren't very well displayed! I have had to highlight one to make it obvious where they are, the rest look like specs.

Below is a screengrab of the attributes:

Any advice would be welcomed!


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You could apply a rule to each shape that sets the size of the object/sensor using s(obj_width, obj_height, obj_depth) and then translates it to the appropriate height using t(0, Height_2m, 0).

s Operation

t Operation

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Thank you so much it worked perfectly!

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