CityEngine collada export vertex percision?

01-07-2015 10:41 AM
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Hello All,

I have a question about exporting CGA created models to collada files.  My problem being when exporting extruded building footprints to collada I would like not to have to recenter them.  This leaves them in the real world position just in collada format.  This leads to vertices that very large number of significant figures for example a vertex would look something like X = 123456.7891 Y = 12.1234 Z = 1234567.1234. Instead of a re-centered value of X = 12.123 Y = 1.23 Z = 12.123.  The problem is that CityEngine is converting some of the longer numbers to scientific notation and rounding numbers off.  This causes a loss of precision and is stretching footprints in odd ways. This has shifted vertices as much as 10 meters in places.  The vertex precision is correct when looking at the shape inspector under the vertex tab.  However when looking at the collada file in notepad the vertex now looks like Y = 1.12345e6.  Any thoughts on how to keep CityEngine from converting to scientific notation would be appreciated.


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Hi Lee,

For georeferenced data, do not use Collade. Use GDB or KML what can deal with this properly.



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