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10-19-2015 04:26 AM
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I would like to create balconies onto my building.

I used the logic "extrude(-  ) Balcony". It runs properly and the result is good (see the link), but I search an easier method to create a balcony, because this can prevent the fast work. (For example I create lots of balconies with this process and the memory will overloaded after a time...) So this contains too much geometries and I would like to work with other method.

It's important, that the plane of the balcony and the plane of the building stay in line. (not balcony box on the wall, etc.)

Thanks for the answers!!



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I'd start by considering from what angle you models will be viewed i.e. if it will always be from above you can remove the balcony ceilings.

You seem to have modelled the fence at the front of the balcony as a complete rectangular prism (6 faces) - I would suggest this could possibly be reduced to 1 face.

Use Model Inspector and the Hierarchy view to find other faces that can be removed.

In your model each balcony has a separate back and side walls i.e. 1 balcony-backwall and 2 balcony-sidewalls per floor - could you change the rules so there is 1 balcony-backwall and and 2 balcony-sidewalls for the whole building.

Alternatively could you represent the balconies on a flat wall with a texture?

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