CityEngine 2020 - issue with context menu

07-02-2020 05:54 AM
Esri Regular Contributor

Dear all,

does anybody missing some functions in context menu in 3D Viewport? I am not able to add there tools like Convert models to shape or selection tools like Select Objects of Same Group and many more see pictures below. 

This is how it should be by documentation: 

Selection context menu


My context menu looks like this - quite different: 

Do I something wrong? Did I miss some settings? 


Thank you for any idea.



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Hi Vladimir,

This looks like this could be an outdated screenshot.Can you send me the link to the page where you took this?



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Dear Matthew Miller‌, 

it´s here: Tutorial 1: Essential skills—ArcGIS CityEngine Resources | Documentation, in several places. There is no way in CE 2020 to have more selection tool in context menu? 

Then here: Tutorial 5: Import initial shapes—ArcGIS CityEngine Resources | Documentation , there almost on the bottom there is a section about Convert static models to shapes - which states: To do so, right-click the model, and click Convert Models to Shapes. Which does seem to missing in the context menu against previous versions. Anyway, where this tool is located now? 

Thank you.


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