cityengine 2017 crashes on random shapes when generating geometry using complicated .cga rule - hs_err_pid - JVM EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

10-24-2017 02:58 AM
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I am using a complicated cga rule on shapes (that are actually untextured 3d building models )

this rule calculates all kinds of things in order to realistically subdivide and texture these building models on input.

While the output looks really nice, this rule often crashes CE when I select several buildings and generate them. The crash completely kills CE and only generates a logfile (attached) hs_err_pid<process number> which is not related to .cga rule

The problem is that I cannot reproduce this crash because for example when I select 1 group of buildings and generate them it may crash during one attempt but won't crash when I restart CE, select exactly the same number of buildings and generate them again.

The other thing I found out is that if I set Number of parrallel generate threads to 1 instead of default 0 - it is less likely to crash but still crashes a lot.

Another weird thing is that no matter how many parrallel generate threads I use, when I manually select building by building (shape by shape) and generate only one at a time it never crashes. But I am using thousands of buildings and generating them one-by-one is extremely time and file consuming

I tested this only on 2017 because I'm using a lot of occlusion functions with labels (which are really awesome btw) which is unsupproted by previous versions.

Because the code is really complicated, it leaves no log on where this happend, and it happens randomly it is difficult for me to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Does anybody have similiar problem? or at least do you have any idea if there are some .cga commands which are more likely to cause this hs_err_pid issiue?

I'm suspecting alignScopeToAxes, alignScopeToGeometry and innerRectangle

thanks for help,


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can anyone help me please? or should I provide any additional info? I finished very big project, it works great when I export a set of buildings as a single building 1by1...

But when I try to export the same set of buildings (that I did 1by1) together,  it crashes everytime - therefore I cannot export my work and I'm really stuck here because I have to export tens of thousands of buildings like this.  



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Are you able to export the selected buildings without generating them?  On export, the buildings are generated separately from the generation that happens in the viewport, and generation during export is single threaded whereas the generation that you see happening in the viewport is multi-threaded.

We would be interested in trying to reproduce this crash.  Would you be willing to share your project?

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