CityEngine 2012.1 Advanced Concurrent licensing problem

09-23-2013 10:10 PM
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I need some help getting CityEngine2012.1 installed alongside ArcGIS 10.2.  I have a successful installation on a computer that does not have ArcGIS 10.2 (win7 x64) but many failed installs on win7 x64 machines that already had ArcGIS 10.2 installed.  See attached image.


Interestingly, if I launch ArcGISadmin on the machine with only CityEngine, I see 100 seats of CityEngine.  If I launch ArcGISadmin from the CityEngine bin folder on a machine with both CityEngine and ArcGIS, I see 0 seats, but if I launch ArcGISadmin from the ArcGIS bin folder, I see 100 seats for CityEngine.

I emailed this to support as well, but I will update the thread with their responses for future reference.

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The current solution:

-Install 10.1 license manager and move CityEngine licenses there
-Keep 10.2 license manager for ArcGIS purposes
-Have group policy to deploy esriLicense.config file to each user�??s profile folder that pointed to the new license manager (see vsfoote's thread on this matter).  Also serves to deal with the per user deployment problems

If you ran ArcGISadmin from the CityEngine install\bin folder it will mess up ArcGIS by having it point to the 10.1 license manager.  So group policy ends up being a better solution to avoid that problem.
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No need to reinstall the ArcGIS 10.1 license manager just to service CityEngine seats.

Believe that the CityEngine 2012.1 concurrent use license fulfillments on the ArcGIS 10.2 License Manager will work without issue if on conclusion of a fresh CityEngine installation you do not run the "authorize now".
Rather, you can avoid problems by directly creating the correct concurrent License configuration in each user's home directory.

Format for the esriLicense.config file to write into each user accounts home directory:


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