Bevel / Chamfer Corners

10-14-2021 12:19 AM
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Hi everyone, 

I've seen similar questions to this on the forum, but the situations seem to be slightly different to mine. Hoping you can help me.

I'm wondering if there is a way, using CGA, that I can chamfer / cut off the corners of shapes with very sharp angles like in the image below. In this example the triangle shape is extruded from the lot, but I'd like to chamfer corners such that I'm left with the red shape instead.

I saw another solution that used a split operation to do this, cycling through different corners - but the scope would somehow need to be exactly aligned to the apex of the two edges (can CGA detect that?), and I would only want this to work on angles above a certain threshold (like the ones shown in the image below).

Any ideas much appreciated - currently the 'podium' space my CGA is generating for such lots is not very realistic!




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