autosave and create new facade from selection causes a NullPointerException while working in Facade Wizard

10-11-2014 04:39 AM
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Hello, just yesterday, I downloaded the 30 day free trial of CityEngine 2014 and I am having several problems, which I cannot combine in one thread. So as my first problem I would like to discuss, has to do with receiving a NullPointerException in 2 areas. Firstly, in the Facade Wizard, I receive a NullPointerException when I have "Immediate Save and Generate on Selected Shape" turned on. Secondly, the same error happens when I try to create a new facade from selection.

Now, since I have some oop programming background, I know what a NullPointerException is. In layman's terms, it just basically means that the application was trying to access a variable which has not been assigned any data to it. So, in that note, one would think to tell the user to make sure that the facade in the viewport is selected before clicking on "New Facade from Selection", and be sure that the shape object in the viewport is selected and has the rule assigned to it before using the "Immediate Save and Generate on Selected Shape" feature. Well to answer these 2 checks before someone jumps the gun and tells me to check those 2 things are true, obviously if I did not have a facade selected in the viewport, the "New Facade from Selection" button would be disabled, and as for the "Immediate Save and Generate on Selected Shape" feature, not only did I double checked this, I tripled checked it, and everything is kosher except for the fact that a NullPointerException is thrown in the log. Worst yet, this causes to disable both the new facade from selection and save facade icons in the Facade Wizard, and the only solution is to close the Wizard and reopen it, which you lose all your preshish hard work that you have done in the wizard. So I am really lost here, because I cannot figure out what is going on except maybe it is a bug?

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