Attribute Colors Are Lost When I Export to FBX

06-05-2015 05:55 AM
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Hi there-

I am colorizing my roads by linking to my shapefile attribute (ex. highway, street, etc.).  When I export the models to FBX, the colors are lost.  Is there a setting I can change to maintain these features?  I have other model textures that are showing up no problem.



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Hi Stephanie,

I'm not completely sure if I understand right. Are you using textures and color at the same time?

Where do you see that the info is lost? In a specific application?

Let me know ..


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I have buildings and roads that are generated from two separate shapefiles in CE.  I am exporting them as one FBX model for use in Unity3d.  I use CE rules for texturing of building facades, and they look fine in Unity.  However, the colors I apply to the road layers using cga are lost..they just appear black in Unity.  I would like to see the road network colored by a shapefile attribute, in this case streets are yellow, highways are blue, railways are green.

I am using a very simple cga case statement that says if the attribute in the shapefile is a street, color it red...if its a highway color it blue... ex. color (255,0,0).  It looks fine in CE, but the colors don't seem to make it into the FBX model when I export from CE.



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