Add stairs and complete floors to the medieval city example

01-06-2012 03:55 AM
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I am a new user to the city engine and I am really impressed by its function and performance. With the medieval city example I am learning the CGA rules, and I wonder how I could complete the floors in each houses (right now each floor only has the 4 sides), and how i could add stairs to every houses. I know these questions might be pretty basic but I really cannot figure them out from the tutorials provided.

thanks a lot!!
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hi !

I created the whole Medieval Town Example, thus I know it pretty well.. 😉

Creating Interiors in the CityEngine is still quite tricky, so I left this alone in this Example. Main reason that this is tricky since there's some specific interior-oriented CGA operations missing.

If you have more questions, lemme know. 🙂
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