404 Error on CityEngine Web Viewer

08-22-2016 08:52 AM
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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to host a .3ws on a server instead of having it up on AGO. I've set it up according to the CityEngine help file and other documentation. However, I'm getting a 404 error while the scene is loading. The MIME types have been added. Has anyone come across this before? I looked around the forums and wasn't able to find anything. 

404 Error

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Michael,

the MIME types are set correct.

  1. Is this happening with all webscenes?
  2. Have you tried access Web Scenes in both ways?
      a) reference the webscene with url parameter: http://SERVER.DOMAIN/PATH/TO/WEBVIEWER/viewer.html?3dWebScene=../webscenes/NAME_OF_WEBSCENE.3ws
      b) open the viewer with no parameters, and drag a local 3ws file onto it: http://SERVER.DOMAIN/PATH/TO/WEBVIEWER/viewer.html
  3. Please try again with the latest version of the CE Web Viewer (version: 4.3) delivered with CityEngine 2016.1
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