02-11-2020 01:36 PM
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Question on creating custom variables on a table, within Infographics.

Objective:  on my custom infographics to show counts # of stores that are within a selected geography

I'm using my imported Web Maps and Layers of about 100 locations of interest (stores).

Example:  When I "Select Geography" for example and chose from "Counties", and there are 3 stores within that selected county, I'd like to show tally the locations, i.e. the infographics display Stores = 3. 

I believe this involves table with custom variables, but the 'Operators' doesn't have a count, just sum... and it's adding up the ID# of the locations.  Example, 3 stores (100, 201, 111), shows up as 412 instead of 3.

Thank you.

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Hello Huan Vo-Ta‌,

Please use this workflow:

1. Go to Build Infographics > Open your template > add a Nearby table panel as follows:

2. Click Layer from project or Browse for a layer in ArcGIS and select the point layer you want to summarize

3. Select the desired fields from the input layer > Next > Next > select the Show as summary infographic option and check the map option as follows:

4. Add the desired icon and edit the labels and click Apply

5. Save your infographic and run it on the geography and you'll get the desired result:

6. And you can click on Explore for more to see the details of those point features inside your target area:

I hope this helps.

Fasil T.

Business Analyst Team