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05-04-2021 04:03 AM
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I want to create demographic report in ArcGIS business analyst web app. Infographic report builder having the option to add only 10 pages to the report. But I want add more than 10 pages in the report. How to add the extra pages in the infographic report? Is there anyway to create a report with more than 10 pages? Please suggest.

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Hi @ArockiyaM ,

Due to several factors including performance, we had to limit the number of pages in infographics to 10.

Thanks for reaching out.


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Hi ArockiyaM
There is a well defined work around for this which is to think of infographics as chapters in a book. Rather than create a big 10+ page infographic I create smaller 2-3 page chapters.

With this approach you can then use the ability to run multiple infographics and output as a zipped file. So typically I would have a sequence like this:

Title Page, Section 1, Section 2, Section ..., Close/Credits

Add your infographics in that order and run them on a single site using patch export. 

You can then package them up in any PDF reader/writer if needed.

The advantage of this is that it makes managing and maintaining sections and topics so much easier, especially when changing thematic styles and custom data updates.



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Hello Helen,

Is there any video where I could see how to do it?

Thank you very much

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