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Working on a innovation project

09-23-2021 07:47 PM
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I want to create an app that displays emergency management information on a map but also allows the users to submit crowd sourced geoint data to the shared map. I have most of the map created and I can use Quick Capture to collect the data. I have no idea how to merge the two into one app for people to download. The goal is for the user to have a "Waze like" tool for disaster relief. Ideally, it would link directly to web mapping services for a live map. I'd also like to display links to any pertinent emergency management links, i.e. Red Cross, FEMA, etc. I'm sure this is all possible. I just don't know how to do it. 

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Hi @BillyGregory1 
This sounds like a good example for an Experience Builder app, you can merge multiple views/apps into one page. For collecting data, you can use configure a Survey123 form, then add it to the ExpBuilder app using Survey Widget, while also adding your webmap in a separate widget. 
There are plenty of tutorial videos from DevSummit and UC demonstrating similar workflows.



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This sounds like a good idea. My recommendation would be to do custom QuickCapture, the source code of QuickCapture app is available in AppStudio Desktop under Enterprise templates. 

I would imagine, you would be adding mapping page in QuickCapture, the mapping page could be native map page using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt, or just a webview that reference the URL of the mapping webpages.


Thank you,


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