Why is the first point in the "story" in the app always different from the actual first point taken.

01-19-2016 01:26 AM
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I have a little problem with the story as Map App:

The first point in the story in the app is always different from the actual first point taken. Regardless of whether the story has an entry point or whether the first point should be the starting point.

Up to the first point, the order is maintained; if I delete this point, then another arbitrary point is set as the starting point, but ot the actual starting point.

Any ideas?

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If you have a standard license for AppStudio, there are a couple of extra properties you can set for the Map Tour template using the desktop tools. This includes using a custom sort field to control the order of the points in your Map Tour.

Use the Customize App option on the AppStudio website to download your app and use the desktop tools:


You can open the Settings tool to edit your app and set the following properties:

maptour_customSort (true/false if you are using a custom sort field)

maptour_customSortField (the name of the field in your data that holds the values to be used for the sort order)

maptour_customSortOrder (asc/desc do your values sort ascending or descending?)

Let me know how this works for you,

- Hannah

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