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webView is not working properly.

03-10-2021 04:44 AM
New Contributor III

Hi there,  So on my app i'm using webview to open url in browser within app. Whenever i'm trying to upload a image on that site then it shows me this error


An unhandled type 'QList<QUrl>' was provided in FilePickerController::accepted(QVariant)


Item {
    height: 700
    width: 400 
        id: app
            WebView {
                anchors.fill: parent
                url: ""

I have given a link from stackoverflow just for testing purpose.  

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Esri Regular Contributor



There is a chance that the website is not allowing upload image operation from "webview" or iframe environment. 

Can you try using BrowserView? This is a little bit different than webview, it is using native browser. We have a sample in AppStudio Desktop, where you can simply change the URL to test. 



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@ErwinSoekianto  even BrowserView doesn't work. I have tried that as well

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We are building a mobile application and do not want to use browser view as it allows you to break out of the app into the device browser. Is there no solution to make Webview work? Browser view does work but it is not suitable for our use unless there is a way to suppress the header and footer in order for the user to not navigate away from the web page. 

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