unable to see web maps under "My Content" when setting the web map in appstudio for an app

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08-04-2015 10:49 AM
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I am unable to see any of the web maps I have created in arcgis.com under my trial account when trying to set the map for my app from appstudio unless I make them public.  Nothing comes up under "My Content" or "My Organization" in AppStudio.  I can see my web maps in arcgis.com under My Content and I have even shared to my organization, but still nothing shows up on the appstudio side unless I go back and make them public.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?  Any ideas appreciated.


Jonathan Clark

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In the help document for the configuring the map tour app (Configure Map Tour—AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop Edition (Beta) | ArcGIS ) , the following note makes it seem that maps that are shared within an organization but not publicly can be used:

If map tours must be public in order to be used in the AppStudio, this should be made more clear.

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Thanks Julia,

We have updated the documentation to clarify the requirements for the Map Tour Template. The changes should go live within the next 24 hours.

- Hannah

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