Third party libraries in Custom App

05-26-2019 06:39 PM
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Hi, Completely new to App Studio, haven't used it in any way yet. I am j am just looking over the capabilities. I was wondering if it is possible to compile in additional libraries such as GDAL or some other library to perform custom processing of some sort within a custom app?

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I am not too familiar with the GDAL library, but in general, 

  • You would be able to add custom javascript libraries (non-DOM oriented) such momentjs, etc by including the source code of the javascript library to the project folder, and still be able to run your app inside the AppStudio Player then make the build of your project using Cloud Make, which are few of the benefits of using AppStudio for ArcGIS to develop your apps.  
  • You would be able to add C++ custom libraries that are supported in Qt, but then you would need to set up your own Local Make environment in your machine(s) to run and build the app. See this doc on how to set up your own Local Make machine(s), 

I hope this is helpful,